it has been said that poker becomes a kids game. When poker became serious after an amateur winning the wsop, (everybody knows who that is) I was still counting cards living in Vegas illegally cause after my divorce I stacked my money in a bag left to Vegas writing about freedom and the beauty being invisible living like an "outcast". It is there where we find happiness. There is no one to tell me where to live, what my permission should be. Why we should align ourselves with lies about what society things is correct or not. Love needs movement, creating the ability to obey truth without interception of what should be or what should be not. That is the way we all should live. Let no one give you any congestion's what so ever.


I appreciate America very much. And yes I will for sure return, cause as a micro player still I have trust in my goals. It does not matter what age you are what car you drive. You need to let go and trust. Throughout that trust and surrender way of living I have met a financial offer supporting me with my dreams. Not giving me blind money, but allowing me the progress to hit his pockets, so I will eventually play up to the standards Spacegravy and many others are doing! I have not taken things to serious during my time in America. Life was easy, I hit a blackjack table and pay my motel for a few weeks hitting some free meals somewhere in Vegas. Piece is complicated cause it shows satisfaction without an urge to conquer. or control anybody, just processing life as truthfully as possible.

Relating to poker I will play around 36000 hyper turbo's this year, cause there is a life to fullfill besides playing poker. Up to that time I will have managed to climb up to the $15 with at least a 2% ROI. over a 1000 sample size. If I reached that I will get staked for the $30//$60 moving up around december 14 to the $100/200.  After 3371 games my redline is 1.7% and my greenline at HM looks like 3.7% Up till 1800 games I was running around 8% therefore I am going in to a long stretch of correction up to normal values what suppose to be normal % for the type of game I am playing. Normal is boring, so lets not try to accept it!

 would love to meet other hyper turbo's specialists too though!