I had this discussion with someone this week telling me how I wasted my time. I should get a job! OMG I responded to the guy, married to the wrong woman, paying of the wrong morgage and having kids not really planned that when you fail to do what you love you are going to destroy yourself completely, no matter what kind of money you are making. I am retired at a young age and know where I am in 2 years from now, even playing for pennies. It is all about percentages and discipline, most people do not have. Their priority is the outcome and the short turn money. Of course you talk against denial. People are full of it and when they give up what they love, they start to talk themselves into some worthwile believe that makes the pain a bit less. What are your priorities? Some one who loves you or the acceptance that we all swim in the same boat therefore the need for something we could give ourselves is much easier than overal neglect. Poker? this week bad although I won all my losses back with a satelite for the sunday million, what I can't play because it would mean an investment of about 25% of my BR, or something I won in exchange for some VPP points. We keep rowing! There is always another momentum!