I emigrated 7 years ago to the US, never thought I had to go back, until black Friday came along April 15th 2011. I remember sitting at MC. Donald checking some games not being able to log in. Now 4 weeks later I moved to Europe, accomplishing a dream, what can not be lived in the US anymore. Strange? It is not about chasing money, something most Americans are addicted to. It is about doing what you love doing what will give you peace of heart, a healthier life above all. Those years in the US have teach me a lot. One thing most Americans do not understand is that their country isn't so free as they really think it is. I have become more appreciative about European values, cause Americans have no culture. It is an empire at the verge of fascism. Yes I know that most people specially Americans do not want to hear this. But try to protest and your name will be immediately come up at the terrorist list. Freedom? Online poker can be played everywhere else in the world except in the land of the free......America is good selling an image, But it is a huge lie in a country where everybody is consumed trying to get something out of anybody or anything around them.   :mrgreen: