I'm starting to realize that I think I liked this game a lot more when I didn't know just how much I didn't know!!

Big wins bring big confidence, but the more I play lately, the more I'm starting to think I may have just lucked my way into that Bigger $5.50 win.

Last month was the first time I really concentrated on my cash game.  I managed to bring it up to well over +$60 profit mid month, but by the end I was well into the red.

About a week after the Bigger, I managed to ship a $4.50 180 man, and that was quickly followed by a long series of Bubbles, Early outs, and just plain dissapointments.  I think I cashed one tourney since then.

When I'm at the table (or keyboard as the case may be) I feel like I'm seeing the game in a much more educated way then I did even a month and a half ago.  I'm understanding what people are trying to do with certain moves now where before they were baffeling.  I feel more confident at the table, but that seems to turn into an over confidence, and inevitably I end up doing something VERY stupid. 

I know what I need is more study, but I've been listening to SOOO many different poker pod cast, training video's, etc.. and reading articles and magazines, I feel like I'm overload!!!

The worst part, is this sinking feeling that I'm missing something.  One key that could open the doors of realization that could put me where I want to be.  But, A) I don't know what it is, and B) There's another part of me that suspects I'm probably just kidding myself......