So go figure.  I cleaned out my bank roll this morning.  And all before 12:30 in the afternoon!  Oh well, I have a Live tourney to go to, to lose more money at in an hour or so anyway!

It's incredible to me how easily I fall into the invincibility trap.  A couple of really good hands, followed by a suck out and suddenly AKo becomes unbeatable to me.  I end up playing too many hands, playing the "Pray with Rags" game, and generally stop paying attention to the table dynamics.

That's right, I said TABLE DYNAMICS.  The fact that I used the phrase at all should tell you that I have a pretty decent idea of how this game is SUPPOSED to be palyed, I just have almost NO ability to put it into practice!

So now I stare at a long list of free rolls to try to build up the bank roll again.  But lets face it, I'm not fooling anyone.  I'll be clicking that good old "Cashier" button by the day's end. I surprised by now my account doesn't just automatically withdraw $20 out of my bank every time I hit $0!!!

Boy this game is fun! :-D