So, I've always seen these qualifiers for big tournements and thought "Wow, maybe I can be Chris Moneymaker."  Ok, not really, but the thought of tourning a freeroll or a lowball tourney into an entry into the big games has always been somewhat intriguing.  But as well as being a hack, I'm also, for the most part, a realist.

Until I logged on today and Pokerstars was kind enough to selflessly inform me of yet another one of their tournement qualifiers going on.  (It's so kind of them to always let me know about these things.  After all, it's not like they make anything from it.....Oh.  Wait.)  Anyway, I digress.  This one was for the Canada Cup.  And as it turns out, I just happen to be Canadian!

So I thought, "Golly Jeepers.  What the heck!" or some other explitive laden version of that., and signed up for a 50FPP qualifier (See ripping through that $200 bankroll really does pay off!)

Well the sattelite was for steps basically.  If you qualified in the top 11, you got an entry into the $5.50 qualifier.  Place in that, an you get entry into the $55, then the $530 main event, in which you can qualify to hand out in some tropical local, drinking margarita's and staring at bikini clad babes, with big lucious...... Ooops got a little side tracked there.

Anyway.  I did it!  I made it into the top 11!!!!!  Hooray!  (Pokerstars is always nice enough to tell you came in first when it comes down to the final group too.  It's like personal motivation I think! :-D )

So then I went running around to find my "Tourney Ticket" to see when the next tourney's where.  But, I found to my surprise I didn't have a ticket.  So I went back and searched a little.  Turns out, I was autoregistered for the next round tomorrow at 4 in the pm.

Unfortunately, I'm unavailable at that time, but there was a pretty little "Unregister" button.  I pressed it, and magic happened!!  Ok, not magic, but I did recieve something I had never heard about before!  This thing called "Tournement Money."

And get this.  You can use this Tournement Money for ANY tournement you want!!!  Yup a LOOP HOLE!  And I love loop holes.  They're definately in my top 6 favoritest of holes!

So I put it to the test, and joined a $4.40 8 man.  I was doing very well, and even found myself in the top 20 late in the tournement.  But alas.  I am the Poker Hack after all, so I quickly leaked my way right out of the tourney.

Saddened, but not completely disheartened, I signed up for a $1.50 STT.  And good news, I still had $1.10 left in Tournement Money, so this baby only cost me a cool 40 cents!  And I came in Second!!!  (That`s in the money for those of you not familiar with the workings of such advanced subjects! :-D )

So the moral of the story?  There really isn't one silly.  But I do know this now:  Maybe I'll never been Chris Moneymaker and make my way from cheapo satelite to the 2003 WSOP Champ (Especially since my time machine is still in the shop,) but I can still get in on those cheap and free satelites, and use the winnings to my real advantage instead of chasing pipe dreams!!!