So about 2 months ago I Joined a live poker league.  It's free to play (you play for points) and it's fun.  Ititially I joined just to get in some live play experience, since the few previous live games I've palyed at the local casino had me back in the parking lot pretty quickly.

My play in the league has been spectacular, but hasn't been terrible either. I've made the final table (where all the points are) 4 or 5 times since I've started but never did better than 3rd until tonight.

I was more focused today than I normally am going to the league.  I decided before I left that I really wanted to win tonight.  Not that I didn't want to win any other time, but it was always more of a "Winning would be nice," kind of attitude, rather than an actual goal.

The first two hands rocked me to less then half of the $4000 in starting chips however.  Probably a good thing though, since it made me sit back and really wait for good hands.  A three way pot with me holding Top Top, while the other two were dawing, put me back into the thick of it, was closely followed by a rivered Nut Flush that outted one of the more "outspoken" players in the league.

Several hands later I made a post flop isolation reraise on an all in opponet, which was called by a third player, putting him all in as well.  Once again my JJ held out on a draw heavey board, and we were down to the final table.

I came to the final table as chip leader, but sat and watched my chips dwindle as I was ran card dead, and was bet out of steal positions.  Finally, the table was down to 4 players, and I was still a healthy 2nd (or close 3rd) in chips.  I decided it was time to make a move.  With 96o, I made a 6 BB raise from the button to steal the 1800 chip pot preflop.  That was followed by another steal with rags.  My third hand was AKs, and my steal attempts induced the chip leader BB to call my 6BB raise.  The board came with rags, and I reraised his 4BB raise with a way over the top 15BB raise to take that pot as well, and make me the new chip leader.

Over the next few hands the previous chip leader and I picked away at our final two opponents, finally sending them to the rail (Or more accurately the euchre game for beers at the table behind us.)  I was aggressive and smart as we played heads up.  I relinquished the chip lead early on, but was quick to regain it back.  I took most of the pots preflop with aggressive moves at the right times, and finally finished him off with an all in push with 66.  He called with J10.  The board came AJ6, and it was pretty much over from there.

I was proud of my play tonight.  Sure it's free poker, but these guys play all the time.  Alot of them play online as well, and most of them are very solid players. 

Now.  If I can only pull this off where there's actual money involved!!!

:-D   Good night folks, and good luck.