Welcome to Confessions of a Poker Hack.  Since PSO is being kind enough to offer up this space for us to blather on and on about bad beats, suck outs, whining and complaining, I figured I'd take advantage of it!

You can look at my profile to get my basics, but for those of you too lazy (as i would be) or unmotivated (as I would be) to check here's the quick run down:

I've been playing poker "seriously," since about May/June.  And as my blog title suggests, I pretty much suck.  I read alot, listen to audio books alot, and attend as many of the live training sessions on here as I can, and I have a very good working knowledge of the game.  My ability of to actually put it into practice however, is somewhat lacking!

I put my first deposit on Pokerstars in may and quickly rand through it with tournements that were way out of my league, and then then Fifty50's that were's out of my bank roll.  Bank roll management is still something I struggle with, and in the begining it was nonexsistant.  So after ripping through my first deposit, I did what any good, well thought out poker player would do: I redeposited!!!

I worked through it having some minor ups and major downs within a week.  Then something SPECTACULAR happened.  On following Sunday I entered a $4.40 4 max, 1000 cap tourney, and skillfully **sarcasm** worked my way all the way to the final table!  Then to the final 3!!!  I WAS FINALLY A POKER PRO!!!!!  (If you don't already understand where this is going, I would suggest you stop reading now.  You're not going to get it! lol)

So yea, a week later, it was gone.  I mean, I was a pro with a HUGE $200 plus bankroll.  I was obviously cut out to play $60 fifty50's, $25 tournements and $1/$2 cash games right?

uh huh.

So, I've been making smaller deposits, semi regularly since then, playing smaller stakes, and still losing ever since.  But I am working through my issues.  I play live in some free poker leagues around town and regularly do well, and I have limited success from time to time online.  But inevitably I get frustraited playing at lower levels, and end up blowing my roll on tourney's that are too expensive.

So that's my background.  And that's where we start.  I currently have a HUGE bank roll of just over 2 bucks.  lol.  I will probably be adding to that soon from my own currency and trying to stick to the level's that afford me a chance to build a real bank roll, while simultainiously develeoping my knowledge, and ability to put that knowledge into place.  Come along with me and see how I do.  Who knows, maybe I'll make that $200 bank roll again re-enlist as a poker pro once again :wink: