i really am the suck out king, i changed my game from from tournaments to 9 seater sit and gos and to 180 sit and gos with zoom and ring games at 5NL with some 2NL cos these big games at micro stakes are not worth it. the games are not worth it unless your making final tables all the time and the min cashes are not really worth it all all you dont even get 50% ontop of youre buy in so dont play them now, i might play a 11usd 1 at weekend depens on how the weeks gone on my bank roll, and that brings me to this 52 ace deck again. not played much to day as i have had a good 2 days in ring games and sit and gos, but tonight ive sat down im playing 4 zoom games 2 5Nl and 2 2NL 2Nl not much happend at all very quite, so that wasnt normal. the 5nl was where the fun was must of been cos it was friday everyone had a drink and thinks there a pro. ive played 5nl alot and its a good game better than the 2nl even tho people say theres not much diffrence. anyway, been playing about 50 hand havent seen much got some jack raised got put all in i called i hadnt seen any pairs so why not took that down the guy had A2 lol. about 70 hands in and i get some aces utg i raise 3x i get 3bet all in i call guy has Ak and frops a set of king, lost 9usd in that hand not happy, i dont buy back in ive got about 1.70 left on one table and 4 something on the over. i left the 2Nl games cos nothing going on everyones in the 5Nl. so we get to about 100 hands i get some qq flop comes down i fold to a 4 bet with an ace high flop, pretty standred fold. got to 150 odd hand and i still havnt seen much ak afew time but i muck that if flop dont hit not like these passive clowns that call check untill they river an ace then go all in lol. or limp with a hand bb checks flop comes down with face cards and put a big bet out like youre going to call. anyway i got some Kings in bb utg raise to 15c and 3 callers from cut off and sb i raise to $1 they all call????????? now what??????? flop comes q45 rainbow i push all in and they all called and they all had AQ...............>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and turn comes a 2 and guess what comes on the river an Ace wow. well done, i had to stop playing and come and take it out on this. now i dont get what im doing wrong when it comes to my bank roll ive never been good with money but ive allways had a poker bank roll but in the last few months its like ive been robbed by these loose passive players. i still feel like giving up with online poker now and just playing live once aweek with people that are there to play good poker and not gamble. every poker book starter blog and video shpuld start with that POKER IS NOT A GAMBLING GAME< its a game off skill and abit of luck from time to time