im really starting to get peed if with this now, i play good poker and its not paying off. micro stakes is not for me and i think that is my problem. im playing againt idiots thats call 4bets with 96 104 66 really random cards and there gitting lucky all the time. i never have this playing live, its shocking. ive lost 70% of my bank roll because donks getting lucky. donks that do really dont have a clue and poker and just get lucky. was in the 100k freeroll earlier just got into the money aswell im utg +1 with Aq raise 3x button 4bets i shove he calls he has 10 4c and flop comes 10 10 4. what the hell is that about. i almost kicked the crap out my laptot. i dont know if is should stop playing online, move up to low and medium stakes where the plays abit better and im not going to get called by lucky arse idiots with 69 off so much or just give up poker.