This month is proving more difficult than the last. Does this mean the Masters is getting harder and harder each month? It's only the second month but I can sense the competition and level of play has increased. I like the challenge and hope it keeps going up in intensity. In my opinion it can never be too difficult, hard, or challenging.

I have managed to score a few more times this month. Once I finished 12th and another time even got a final table 9th place plus a few other finishes in the money. With these scores I should at least finish in the top 600 so will be back again next month. But there is also a chance of finishing itm. Only time will tell and time is running out for this month so there won't be long to wait until we all find out where we all finish.

I see lots of new players on the top of the list and can't help wonder where all the leaders from last month are at on the leaderboards. That's something I will have to check on I guess. I can't help it I'm curious like that. Anyway I wish you all the best of luck over the last few days and hope to see you on the felts soon.