I am a little shell-shocked this month. The Masters league is proving to be a difficult nut to crack. Not quite sure yet what the best strategies or tactics might be for improvement month to month. There is hope though, as I see many new faces on the leaderboard. That means someone new has a good chance to win it this month.

A total of 15 games I had to play just to score once. Finished 49th out of 800 entries for about 40 points. So I guess unless I can get it into gear and start scoring I might not be here next month. And here I was entertaining thoughts at the beginning of this month that I might finish high on the leaderboards.

Then again it doesn't matter where you score, the beginning, middle, or end of the month. If you manage to get enough points is all that matters. But getting that first one sure does feel good, hopefully now the floodgates have opened, time to make it rain. Hope to one day see you at the felts, until then Good luck.