Now that the first month of the new league as come to an end and I didn't finish in the money I am a little disappointed. I am fortunate enough that I finished high enough to qualify for a ticket to stay in the masters. And I want to say Kudos to VeryWolf who won the very first masters league. I can't wait for this month's masters league to start, I want to see if the play changes and if I can improve on my performance from last month.

I managed to finish in 169th place and feel I can do better. I'm not making excuses but I feel the variance went against me an unusually high amount of the time. There were many games where I just narely got beat and some where I made a mistake. With some patience and study I'm sure I can eliminate my mistakes and I don't think the variance will continue against me (at least not all of the time), as like the tide, it ebbs and flows.

I was lucky enough to be selected to receive a Big Bang ticket for my post in the Forum. This is a good opportunity to test my game and perhaps earn a little boost to my bankroll. I want to say thank you for being given this chance and will mention it in a Forum post also. After this first month I now see what it would take to win the masters and even just to finish in the money. Hope to see you on the felts, Good luck.