I realized that right now I might not be up for posting each day. Unless there's something worth posting, like an update or some news, I might just every several days or so. And if I start some kind of bankroll challenge or something I might even post several times a day, who knows.

The hype from the leagues is dying down a little, and as the dust settles I find that I might not even make the money. I only have 1 final table finish so far in the masters and I noticed someone had two 1st, three 3rd, and even some other final table finishes. Kudos!

With that being said I will try to get a few scores before the end of the month. Hopefully I will get lucky at the right times and maybe get some more final tables. I'm still trying to get a feel for what strategies might work at this level. Good luck and hope to see you on the felts.