Today  marks the end of the first week in the leagues. I'm still feeling the hype surrounding the changes from 2 leagues to 4. It's hard to comment with any certainty on what might need to be changed, if anything yet. I mean until at least 1 month is in the books how can we know for sure how well it works.

I think about now you can say we are transitioning into the middle part of the month, we still have the end phase to go. So until it's over who knows what might occur to reveal if something is not quite working right. I read some comments from different sources concerning the leagues where players were already calling for shorter waiting times between hands because some players were 'clocking' or wasting time. That's not really a league thing, it's more of a tactic that is used by some to get a little further or tilt those with little patience.

I can tell you right now, as sure as aces get cracked sometimes, whatever time is allowed there will be players finding ways to waste it or 'clock' when they feel they need to. Also someone thought they should change the starting chips, there were all kinds of suggestions and we're only in the first week. Give it a chance, at least a couple of months, before you go messing with the formats. I'm sure PS looked into all that and balanced it pretty well.

Right now I think the leagues are great, but that may change if I see something not working, so far, so good. So let's all take a breather, get ready for the rest of the month, and play your best on the felts. Good luck all.