I've taken a few chances to try and get more chips so I can make a deep run and get another final table result maybe even a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish. Unfortunately I busted out before making it itm so I ended up with more donuts ( scores of 0 ). It is worth a few tries as 1 deep result will make up for a few of the efforts that fall short. I have a feeling it might take this whole month, and maybe even more than that, to figure out the best way to score points and place high in the rankings at the end of each month.

If any of you think you have good ideas for masters or even the other leagues, feel free to share, I'm sure many of the PSO members will appreciate it. I myself notice some of the players taking a few more risks themselves than they did in the first few games. But in my opinion, good play is still being rewarded, of course it could have more to do with the level of skill than tactics or strategy. The only way to know for sure is to keep observing how things are going from game to game.

So far I've noticed that a lot of the leaders in the league have a 1st or 2nd place finish and have only scored points a handful of times. It will be interesting to see how the middle of the month, and the end of the month have an effect on the leaderboards. I personally would like to see the winner have 15 scores with points and no donuts, and no top 3 finishes even. Just to show you can win it with a sum of 15 scores and you don't need to finish in the top 3. But that's just a personal preference of mine, something I would like to see happen, not necessarily how it will play out.

Regardless of my musings I'm still enjoying how this first month is playing out. Of course that may be because I'm still ranked in the top 100 of the masters. Just got to hope I can maintain, or improve on my position. Hope to see you on the felts and Good luck all.