As the title suggests, I busted out with JJ. Had a good run going with over 13K chips, was playing for about 2 and half hours in a field of 675 entries. Finished in about 108th, the top 99 would of been itm. Once again the way the hand played out, with the other player having A6 off and hitting his A on the river, I lost to a 3-outer. Hey, it happens.

Would of liked to have gotten the 2-up and probably would of made final table, but that takes a little guessing on my part. Can never know for sure how it would of all played out. At least I know I making good plays with good hands and my game is pretty rock solid right now. Still got over 40 chances at getting some top finishes so now is the time to take a few risks, so long as they're worth it.

I read somewhere about the odds of getting 15 scores out of 52 attempts and I'm not sure of the exact math due to the skill levels of those involved and their playing styles but it is entirely possible that at the end of the month a good many may have some 0 results in their top 15. That is they may not get 15 results with points, and then again some may have more and therefore their best 15 will count. Either way it's going to be interesting to see how this first month plays out. And whether PSO decides to make a few tweaks to the leagues. Good luck and hope to see you on the felts.