Well I've got about half a dozen games under my belt in Masters, scored points by finishing itm in half of them and also have a final table finish. So far I'm more than satisfied with my results in the Masters but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. I'm still figuring out the styles and strategies that work best. Others are also experimenting in the early days of the month, so I'm going to have to navigate my way through each game with that in mind.

My final table table finish was 8th out of 261 entries. Last I checked I was ranked 29th overall on the leaderboards. And I gotta say, the excitement over the leagues has yet to ebb in any way. I'm surprised there hasn't been more hype surrounding the launch of the new leagues. I think part of the problem is so many think of the school and the leagues as something to try for a while and then move on, leaving it behind them, almost as if they're somehow better than that now.

This is the wrong way to think. If you stop learning your game will suffer and stagnate. In order to improve you have to keep learning because the game changes over time. It may only be by small degrees sometimes but at other times it may be by big shifts. The more learned you are in all aspects of poker the better you can spot these changes and be prepared for them. Please stick with the school and leagues and you will not be sorry, you'll notice your improvement more and more as time goes by, it may even help to track your progress daily, perhaps by posting a blog even.

Whatever works for you, so long as you keep learning and playing, I hope to see you around on the felts, until then Good luck in the leagues and enjoy all the things the school has to offer, who knows, we may one day share a final table.