Oh my God! I can't believe it. I was so excited to play in the masters, I had a snack and was just getting my beverage of choice ready so that I could settle down for my first masters session. I actually missed the first few hands sitting out because of that but then I got right into the game. It was going well, nothing seemed too donk about it, and then at about the 42 minute mark I got dealt AQ off.

With the big blind being 100 I opened utg+1 for 300 and it folded back to the bb who called, the flop was Qxx and the pot was 650 so I bet 325 and bb calls again. On the turn, which is the 5 of spades, he goes all in and I call. He has AK off, so at this point only a K will win the hand for him, and wouldn't you know it, K on the river.

POOF! Just like that at the 43rd minute, in position 353, I am eliminated. I could hardly believe it. Well now I got to regroup and refocus so that I'm ready for the next game today. I can play in about 2 or 3 a day, and I do have 52 games max I can try this month. So now there are 51 games left to get 15 really good scores. Although I'm a little disappointed by that result, let's hope I got the bad variance out of the way, and now only good things for me (come on Karma). Oh yeah before I forget there were just over 500 entries in this game. This is important to note because although there is a 2,000 limit entry to the league, not everyone will play in each game and it's worth noting how huge the field will be for each game on average.

Well I guess that's it for now, Good luck everyone, I will hopefully have better results in my future attempts. See you on the felts.