I got into Masters. First month of the new leagues and I'm in the top one. Oh man this is going to be fun. The first game is too late for my time zone, but I'm going to try and play in the second game on the 5th, and the 3rd game, maybe even the 4th game. This first month is going to be interesting figuring out all the ins and outs of the new league structure. Good luck to all.

Oh and I almost forgot, I tried that promo thing the Deal, where you select 2 cards to remove and make a hand out pf the remaining ones. I didn't win anything other than a few more coins, but I was valid when someone won the Jackpot so I got a share of the other half and it was $2.14. Not too shabby for not really doing anything, lol.

There was a delay today in getting my ticket to Masters and I was getting impatient. That mixed with the excitement was making me antsy. I'm sure everyone was beginning to wonder if they would get their tickets on time. Pokerstars came through as they usually do, which means the leagues should be everything they promised. Once again, Good luck, you can never have too much.