I had a run of bad luck all day playing games such as $1.50 heads-up hyper for the summer mission promo and $2 sat to big $5.50, a couple of $1 180man hypers, 50cent 180man hyper and a $5.10 hyper mtt near end of day to try nd re-coup losses.  Had a little luck with $1.10 nl $1.5K gtd and 82cent games cashing $2.20 and $1.41 respectively.  Also had 2 positive results in premier league and 1 negative.  If it wasn't for a very reckless last ditch effort in a $15 fifty/50 game where I got a little lucky I would be down over $10, but I did get lucky and finished th day with a br of $37.05.

I would not suggest anyone try the same, stick to bankroll management strategies.  Uusually 2% to %5 of your baankroll or lower even.

Good luck