Whenever something good happens to us in poker we often call it good luck and by the same token we call it bad luck when things go wrong.  It's easier to blame it on some all powerful force that we can do nothing about, but the sad truth is there really is no such thing as luck.  That's right, you heard me, what we refer to as luck is just a case of not being able to calculate or predict the numerous variables or factors involved in reaching whatever outcome occurs.  Sounds way too complicated to me so let me simplify it, when you roll the dice you don't know what number will come up, but does that stop you from betting on it.


We poker players like to gamble from time to time, no matter where we learned poker or how much our game has improved over the months/years we still got to take a chance every once in a while.  The reason why is we believe that we will get "lucky" and there's a thrill to never knowing for sure what the outcome will be.


If we study and practice, over time we can beat the "luck" factor, at least to a degree.  By playing solid poker over a long enough time you will win.  But what really gets to us are those random times when you are deep in a tourney and have a good chance to make final table but your KK hand runs into something like KQ off and the flop is TJ7 and turn A with blank river.  You can't help but feel frustrated by your "bad luck."  It doesn't matter right then that in the long run you will win more times with KK in that situation, what really matters is this specific time and the fact that you just lost.  That is when you will believe in "luck," good or bad.


All you can do is move on because that game is over.  You have to learn to deal with things like this and still continue to play poker.  There will be other games, other times when "luck" plays a factor and some of them will go in your favor.  So the thing to do is not get to hung-up on bad "luck" and keep playing your game.  Study, learn and play the best you can.  In the end you will win more than you lose.


good luck & gr8 skill