I once late reg the BIG $5.50 and split the top 2 prizes 50/50.  Hoping for a repeat performance today or even just a ft finish would be nice.  Even if you late reg at the last min you have a good chance to finish deep.  The structure of the game blinds allows you to still have time to wait for good hands to play and a lot of players go bust in the 1st 2 hours.


I will post a few more blogs today if I have any success.  I will also include videos of the hands if I do post so you can see what kind of luck/skill I have.  Also, hopefully, as an inspiration of reg late in the BIG $5.50.  You don't have to late reg at the last min obviously, you can still use this feature any time you just miss the entry time or if you find a comfortable late reg time to enter.  I suggest trying just after blind level 3.  Avoiding the beginning of the tourney when the blinds are too low to worth going after and letting a lot of players bust out.


You can also reg on time if you like, you don't have to late reg.  It is just a feature to be aware of and when you give it some thought you might find reasons to try it ans different ways to make it work to ur advantage.


good luck & gr8 skill