I think these BIG tournament games that pokerstars have daily are just great.  They have a variety of different buy-ins and the format is just right to draw enuff players that the prize pool is pretty large in relation to the level of buy-in, the bigger the buy-in the larger the prize pool obviously.  No matter what level you can afford to play right now though they are all similiar in format and thus you can start small and work ur way up in buy-ins.


As you go up in buy-ins you may notice the level of play gets better or tougher, as there are less donks and more skilled players at higher levels.  Also ur game will improve because of this.  Playing against skilled players makes for sweeter victories.  And don't forget larger cashes.  All around these BIGs are great mtts.  You may also want to try some of the turbo HOTs if you like a quicker pace and more of a fast paced action game.


good luck & gr8 skill