I find it hard to get into the habit of blogging daily.  If I have success or inspiration strikes then I feel like I have something to blog, otherwise it seems like days and weeks can go by with ease.  Anyway, to get to the point, I'm going to try to blog on a regular basis.  Now on to the poker stuff.


When I 1st started out in poker I had very little to go on concerning the ins and outs of poker.  I only played with friends several times a year but that all changed when I started watching Texas Hold'Em on TV.  Here was a game I felt had a great "equalizer" in the all-in move, especially in the single elimination games.  That is what 1st attracted me to it but since then I realized there is a whole lot more to the game than that.  I had some experience playing in a casino before I ever came online to play and there is a world of difference.  Playing at Pokerstars and a few other sites, using the PSO and other learning sites, my game has come a long way.  Even to this day I am still learning stuff about poker and hopefully that means I can continue to improve.


With all the knowledge and experience poker is still a grind for me because I have a low bankroll.  I will have to put in years of "paying my dues" to grind a BR large enuff to sustain a living off of, but feel that I will get there.  It is only a matter of time and cashflow.  Another thing about grinding is it can sometimes seem boring, as you end up playing some of the same types of games over and over, but once you find a game that you can consistently cash that's what you should do.  It builds up ur BR over time so keep at it. 


Good luck and great skill