I won 2 free $1.50 omaha tickets from PSO and when I decided to check out what games were available I found this new omaha variant called "courchevel."  I call it "corky" for short, and it turns out it is both fun and a gr8 diversion from hold'em.  The rules are a little different from omaha, you are dealt 5 hole cards instead of 4 and the 1st card of the flop is already showing, other than that you still have to use 2 cards from ur hole cards and 3 from the community cards just like in omaha.


Yesterday I won 1st in my 1st game of "corky," a 48man sng and today I won 3rd in the same type of game.  Not too bad for my 1st couple of games trying corky.  They also have mtts in this format.  I will use some of my winnings to give those a try and let you know how it turns out.


good luck