This is my 2nd blog and it's called lawn chairs because what do you do with lawn chairs...   fold them.

That's right another blog about folding lol.  There can never be enuff.  In the early stages of a mtt you should fold often and only play premium hands.  Some players may find that no matter how many times they do this some donk calls or raises all in with 27o and hits a winner.  All your skill and hard work goes down the drain and your left wondering what's the point.

No matter what the point is donks will always play and hit, even crack premium hands.  So what can you do in response.  Early on don't play many hands, let donks run into each other and knock each other out.  Keep track of those at your table and don't get involved against them.  Keep hammering away with the best hands and eventually you will win.  The later you find yourself in a mtt the less donks you will find.

Even the pros run into donks and sometimes they donk each other.  It can be frustrating but it's part of poker.  If you go over the pso lessons 7 times you may find it starting to sink in and realize donks and bad beats, while a part of poker, can be limited with skilled play.  You have to go over and over the lessons though.  Don't just read thru them quik to pass the quiz.  Actually try and learn something from them every time you go over them. 

Remember donks and bad beats are a part of poker and aren't going to go away.  Only by learning more and more about poker can you get better at the game, usually this takes years and years.  It all depends on how much you love the game.  Hope the variance sides with you more than against.  One last thing, we all know that sometimes AA gets cracked so logically you should pick one of the hands you get AA and fold it preflop without ever playing it and chalk it up to one of the times it would of been cracked.

Sounds silly but it works sometimes.  Well that's all for now except remember when all else fails you can fold and go onto the next hand.  Can't get donked, bad beat or sucked out on if you fold.

"If you can't be good...  be great!"