Origami is the art of folding paper, which is why I chose it as a title for my 1st blog.

In poker one of the simplest options is to fold your hand.  That being said it is astounding how many times players call or raise when the they should be folding.  There are no exact hard and fast rules for when to fold and you may be thinking how can I win at poker if I'm folding.  Hopefully I can get you to understand that sometimes your best move is to fold.

One of the greatest things about folding is you may lose that hand but you are still in the game and you don't lose any more chips.  Exactly when do you fold and when do you call or raise instead of folding.  Well there are lessons in the PSO that can help with that and you can also finds poker books that are useful.  Educating yourself on the game of poker can help you become a better player and understand when it is you should be folding, which will lead to more winning.

Perhaps some examples will help:

1.  If you have a small pocket pair and miss the set on the flop...   fold.
2.  If you're thinking of chasing a set, straight, flush or even 2 pair...   fold.
     ( chasing a straight and flush draw ( both at once ) is acceptable under the right conditions)
3.  If someone makes a big bet or re-raise...   fold.
4.  If you are unsure of what to do or doubt you are ahead in the hand...   fold.
5.  If you are close to itm or already itm and close to the next payout level...   fold.
6.  If you don't like the flop...   fold.
7.  If you had a hamburger for lunch on tuesday...   fold.
8.  If you are playing against Chuck Norris...   fold.
9.  If want to gamble...   fold.

Some of those examples are not to be taken seriously.  You have to determine for yourself when it is best to fold.  The advice I hope you take away from this is that there is another valid option to just calling, betting or raising.  Remember that sometimes folding at the right time can keep you in the game.

Good luck on the tables and if you find me at your table remember to fold  =)