My first full month in the pso league has been going pretty good.I have managed to stay in the top 50 till i hit a mid month slump.Probably because i made my first deposit and got sidetracked playing to many games at once.It was good for my bankroll,bad for my league score.I took advantage of my 5 $3.40 tourney tickets for passing the sitngo quiz with 2 firsts and a second place finish in 27 player sitngos.I've always considered myself a decent poker player but what i have learned in the pso courses has helped my game tremedously.Definitly take advantage of these courses and also sit in on the live training sessions.Pso league is awesome i really enjoy seeing and talking to all the people i have met on here.I'm not going to tell how to play your game but patience is definitly the key.Maybe with what you learn at pso and a little luck you will improve your game as the staff at pso,thank you.See you at the tables and good luck..........BAD