I love playing tournaments, just wonder sometimes... you wait and wait and fold and fold then you catch kk or AA and someone calls you with 102 and takes it, whats that all about? I know that allot of you out there get really mad and it sucks i'm with ya. Let me explain one thing as i understand it, again im no expert so correct me  if i'm wrong. so when you catch AA and there is 2 other people that raised "min raise" before you and then you go on top the guy with the 102 has the best odds cause allot of high cards are out there, so most likely he will catch before you get a set but on the other hand its a great risk he is taking cause if he does not catch both cards he is gone and hey he is willing to take that risk, personally i think its a terrible play and it does not always work. Good luck and play the best you can.