Every day I play, I learn a little more, I used to get upset and frustrated with people going all in all the time with less than desirable hands and win but hey, I learned it is what it is no point on fretting about it. I take my time now and avoid all INS’ in the beginning stages of a tournament even folded pocket AA a couple of times, I know I can't believe it myself. But hey I'm reaching the money now in most cases. I played a house tournament the other day and took my time even though I was small stack for a while and ended up winning took home $120 not bad in my opinion, it wasn't about the money it was about first place for me.
To sum up , what I’m trying to say is, experience is not built overnight, and reading books, blogs and articles helps your game watching videos also gives you a recall of what happened with someone else with the same hand. So good luck to all on your journey, mine has just started. I’ll see you at the finish line.