Good afternoon,

Well today I was playing a tournament and I was very surprised at the way people play makes me wonder if there is cheating going on, let me run you through the scenatio.

Started off with an A(h) K(h) not bad neither of us was the blinds, he raised to $120, I raised him to $240 he called me, so far so good, Flop comes up Q(s) 7(C) A(D), he checks I raise him $180, he reraises $300 i call him, great, now here is the funny part K(C) comes up, he goes all in I call him. So far I have two highest pair cards are shown he has a pair of 5's so I'm like great the turn comes up 5(D) so he wins pot with three of a kind. here were I'm confused since he had a pair of 5's and there was allready a Q, K, A and 7 on the board which every single one would of beat him why would someone go all in??? and to add insult to injury a 5 comes up like seriously ......


Anywho personally I will take it as a learning curve to not bet with loose players cause they seem to get lucky allot have watched it happen to others also.


Well that's my rant for the day hopefully I learned a valubale lesson and use it to improve my game and keep on keeping on.