As you can see I missed a few days of blogging. lol. Anyways went on a terrible run while playing awful but I have an excuse. I was grinding out points playing razz cash games and triple stud tournaments. I enjoy those games so  I got a little sidetracked and out of focus. Well anywyas I got it back together with a whopping 140 points day to bring me back up to par. I won first place and got 90 points and then several more good finishes throughout the day. Also I managed to gain my silver star and plan on grinding out a gold star by the end of the month. I am up to 1k fpps and 900 vpps. Anyhow, I just got finshed bubbling another final table 10th place. That would be my third final table this month, arg. Well I'm out and gl at the tables!

:-D    aka The BIG DOOKIE, was good to me today!