I recently attended my 3rd LIVE TRAINING event. It was hosted by Lee Jones. In this session I was able to send in BOOM hands and have lee and other pokerschool trainers/members disect them for me. Lee reviewed a 5/10c Zoom hand for me.


While sitting in on this class I found that my knowelege in the area of mathematics may be lacking! Now I'm not completely ignorant and can do most equations fairly quickly, being a baker by trade percentages come easy......I realized i dont use maths very much while playing, I tend to be more of a "feel player"

Now I want to start counting outs, adding up pot vs hand odds and generally doing all the things im supposed to while playing but its very overwhelming and everytime I try to introduce something new or take something out of my game I tend to have a tough time and my game in general suffers.

I would like to hear from teachers and students of the pokerschool on how they have minimised the damage while changing their games up.........I just hope its not a case of old dog new tricks!

Thanks guys! b.p.rabbit^^