Ive found sitting out for the first 10 minutes of the OSL to be more profitable than playing Aces. 10 minutes will usually get you 2000 places into the tourney and allows the all-ins and fishy types to sort themselves out. If you reg late and sit out for 10 minutes you can effectively watch around 3000 entrants dissapear from the tournament with virtually no risk to your stack. You can sit out for around 20 minutes and only lose around 500 chips........thats a third of your stack and over half the entrants have gone out.

Its not very admirable and i dont advocate it in any other form of poker but i think the sit out is a genuine skill required to progress through the ranks of the OSL! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below and let me know if you too have alternative strategies to combat the all-in warriors of the Open Skill League!

Cheers b.p.rabbit^^