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its been awhile but i think ( key word THINK! ) i might have something worthwhile to contribute. I woke at 2:15am to play the weekly silverstar+ freeroll and busted out in the very first hand with 78 suited......I know,I know.......but i was in the big blind, and well flopped 2 pair that I couldn't get away from.......

Luckily the open skill league started at 3.05am so didnt have to wait long for some more action. I have loosely set myself a goal of cashing in the open league and after 6 weeks have improved my standing to the point where this month im really in the hunt. My career stats for the open league are 14 ITM / 118 played and this month I have 4 ITM / 18 played. After finishing just above 50% in the 3:05 game I was upset at myself and at a loss! Go back to sleep for a few hours or find something to read and stay awake untill the next open league started?

I had the pokerschool page open and noticed the LIVE TRAINING button, I pushed it not expecting to find anything starting soon when I saw that Dave "the Langolier" was reviewing a 25c 90 man SnG! I registered and was able to act as a participant which meant i could join in the chat! This session was great fun and not only gave me some really good insights into hands that were played, its a fun way of disecting fundemental stuff with like minded people. Oh and ya get free stuff!

I played in the 7am open league and finished in the top 10% for another ITM finsh and have climbed a few more spots up the monthly ladder! So thanks Dave for the brush up and pokerschool for helping me improve my knowelege of this great game! And remember study and practice make perfect, I feel like ive repeated the pokerschool 6th grade 10 times and im not sure i'll ever graduate but im improving. Having fun is what I aim for playing poker and im finding that improving is lots of fun!

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Well its the middle of the month and I've gone from a 20 year old 6th grader to a 6 year old having tantrums! Ive slipped back from roughly 700 in the monthly standings to 1300!!!!! I've managed to keep my ITM ratio pretty good at 1/3 but have had a few early finishes thanks to some impaitiently played hands.......I left a comment on a fellow pokerschool students blog that went something along the lines of ......"QQ isn't the best hand to be calling an all-in with".............Well I didnt call, I shoved! check it out..

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Anyway back to the grind! Hopefully can get a few more top 10% finshes this week to stay in the hunt!

Take it easy or easily take it, b.p.rabbit^^


Just completed my second live training session this month with Ross999! It was great, I was able to chat with Ross during his breakdown of a tournament he was playing, then joined in a Pokerschool Home Game tournament with an $11 tournament ticket up for grabs! I have to get used to the early morning starts lol. Went out fairly early with the following hand.....

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..... In hindsight it was an easy fold, I think if the hand had played out differently and the all-in was on the river i still would have called having the Ace high flusht so i'm not too disapointed! Anyway the heads-up freeroll and the 7am PSO game are starting soon so I'm back to the tables!

Take it easy or easily take it, b.p.rabbit^^