Well I headed down the pub this week with an unfamiliar feeling........ Hard to describe the feeling you get when heading into battle as the previous weeks victor. Anticipation, fear, excitement, a little nervous but somehow still calm in the knowlege that you have "been there,done that".


I was seated at table 1 and noticed 3 unfamiliar faces. All 3 looked to be fairly good poker players and a threat to my quest for back to back wins. One guy was actually telling everyone at the table what odds he was getting and adding up his outs while deciding to call or raise so I actually felt a bit intimidated for awhile. But after 1.5hrs of play I had elimated 2 of them including the human calculator and had the 3rd at 3/1 chip stack. This is where my first hand starts.

The villian had been loose all night and had been caught out playing low pairs and bluffing on missed flushed draws.

 Hero Ad 9d Big Blind Blinds:50/100

Villian 9s 2c MP

Villian raises preflop to 500, Hero calls,        FLOP: 4d  9c  6d

Villian raises to 1.5k, Hero calls,                    TURN

Villian checks, Hero raises 2k, Villian goes all-in 8200, Hero calls

                                                                         RIVER 2s..................

This hand nearly sent me on TILT.... I was lucky the next break was only 1 hand later and I was able to shake it off. I mean i shouldnt have bet the turn and should have been worried about over pairs and the like, but i put him on an under pair as he had been loose as hell all night. When it was confirmed that i had him beat when we showed on the turn it was very satisfying and to have that all shattered by a 2 on the rivr nearly demoralised me! Im happy to say i ended the young villians night at the final table and got my revenge..... he was first to leave the final table!

This brings me to my next hand which is bubble play, next out gets 4th place and a sack full  of nothing! The funniest thing about this hand is that the guy in 4th place had 3k in chips and the next hand he faced the Ante alone was 4k....... I was in 1st place with around 400k 2nd 320k, 3rd 90k and 4th 3k. This hand was played between me and the lady in 2nd place who had won her whole stack in about 5 hands lol, very tight passive.

Hero Ad Qd Big Blind, Blinds 40k80k

Villian 6s 6c

Villian raises to 160k, Hero calls, FLOP: As 6d Ac

Villian checks, Hero checks, TURN: 5d

Villian all-in, Hero calls, RIVER: Qs

I have to say i actually felt sorry for the lady but not sorry enough to share my $100 1st prize with her lol.

I hope everyone can make sense of my hand explanations. I look forward to you guys disecting them for me!!!!

Well I won $100, the first trophy i have ever recieced and im sitting on top of the 3 monthly league ladder with 2 wins and a 2nd from 4 starts. If i make the final table next week i take out the win and $500! i cashed $17.50 in a micromillions $5.50 too! 485/11253.

Well next time i write this blog i will be  the 888live Drysdale hotel Poker Champion! Ill be bringing a 888 trophy to the PokerStars Poker School cabinet!

Anyway guys until next week, take it easy or easily take it,

b.phttp://www.888pl.com.au/Scoreboards.asp?Action=Search&SID=22&RID=0&OID=404 &Month=0&DivID=0&TID=2 heres my scoreboard ranking