my live experience began around 3 weeks ago. I had played live in a similar league a few years back when i first started playing online poker, I achieved no success and this was due largly to the fact I was playing like a newbie at a 1c/2c table ..........."ALL IN ALL IN!" After playing online and experiencing PokerSchoolOnline I figured I would give it another shot! So far i have 3/3 final tables and a 2nd/7th/1st record! The format is no limit holdem 6 max. It has a buy in of $11 for 5k chips and 1x $11 rebuy 10k chips. Usually have around 20-30 entrants with 3-5 places paying. I scored $70 for my 2nd (30 entrants) and $120 for my 1st (22 entrants) My win gets me entry into the monthly state championships that have a 15k prize-pool. I am attributing my success to PokerSchoolOnline and have decided to unofficially represent our group at the weekly tourney by wearing my pokerstars tee and spruiking the good word of pokerschoolonline! I have already talked 2 people into signing up.... they asked where i had learnt to play such good poker and i told them i played online a little and had joined the school about 2 years ago. They told me they were going join that night lol. At the last tournament i played when i had reached the final table people were saying how hard i was to read and asking how i did it. At the time i truly couldnt answer the question but now i belive i can........ When we play online we continually stare at a computer moniter and after becoming conciouse of it ive found im usually pretty expressionless most of the time.........except after a win or a loss where ill usually have a bit of a smile or yell several expletives lol. So Im of the opinion that playing online definitly helps your live game! Anyway thanks once again to pokerschoolonline and the wonderfull community it has created for helping me become a better poker player even though (im borrowing grade bs line here) "I am always ready to learn even though i dont always like being taught" Anyway thats my "Live Win" blog.



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a picture of my 3 Final Table Keyrings and my poker shrine!...