Well we are past the halfway point of February and Ive forgotten half of what i learnt in January already! I recently played in 3 of the ANZOPS tournaments and played out of position in all 3 of them! I was so into blogging and posting that I began to forget why i joined PokerSchoolOnline in the first place ...............To improve my poker game and learn how to play properly!

When i first started playing online poker i was unemployed, broke and looking to make millions of dollars playing.........I lasted about 6 months before becoming frustrated with losing and quitting. The next time i sat at the tables i was a bit wiser and decided to try to get to a semi-pro level lol this also lasted about 6 months.

The reason i started playing poker again this time was to pass the time. About 2 years ago my father developed a condition called Myastenia Gravis. He was the sole carer for my grandmother. When he became sick he had to spend a long period in hospital. I was asked to look after my grandmother. While caring for her i couldn't leave the house very often. Poker was an outlet and hobby that kept me occupied during this time.  My grandmothers dementia eventually got the better of her and my father wasn't in any condition to care for her so she went to live in supported accommodation where i visit once a week. When my father was released from hospital he had very little movement and struggled to even get out of bed. I introduced him to the world of online low stakes poker and he loved it! It was a hobby he could enjoy without leaving the house!

It was during this time I noticed the PokerSchoolOnline logo and decided to investigate. I have learnt so much here and I really appreciate having this add on site to fall back on when i start to go off the rails! Recently I found i had forgotten how to play positional poker and without this forum i never would have realised. Its small things like this that make a huge difference! That's why I'm adding some new goals to my list for 2013

* Visit PokerShoolOnline at least once a week and go over "Poker Basics Course"

* Remember that I am a recreational player, losing my chips isn't the end of the world.....it just means I have to study more!


Cheers guys, take it easy or easily take it,