Hey guys its B.p here and I'm after some advice on HUDs!

I never really wanted to use one  ........ they say people are often scared of things they dont understand. But after trialling poker sharpener I think learning how to properly use one will help my game immensly! Ive been trawling through the net and I've found poker tracker 4 for $59.99 which I think is quite reasonable, though never having used one im in the dark about price and quality.

Thats where you guys come in..........

Now I know there is a tech section in the forums but I thought Id give my time vault pals a chance to show off their wealth of knowelege and experience first!

I plan on doing an experiment on the effectivness of the HUD by only using it on my full tilt  account at first. This experiment wont be very precise but I cant have 2 pokerstars accounts to compare so it will have to do.

Its been a funny week in poker for me! Had the worst start to the week but ive ended up jumping another 20k places up the open league ladder (im inside the top 10k yey) not bad considering i was around 110k in the 3rd week of January. I have to thank poker school for this achievment as the big bang ticket giveaway got me into the top 400 in one tounament so had to really try for the 3 in a row which got me inside the top 33% for the next 2 tournies. As improving my standing in the open league was one of my goals I'm very pleased! 

Anyway thats enough out of me!

Take it easy or easily take it,