If I was just starting out again in the world of online poker I would do things very diferently! Just seeing all the new promotions for first timers has made me yearn for the days of being a newbie!

I would study the game  a lot more so i could become a student instead of an example lol. I would be more carefull with with my chips and take my time at each level before stepping up. I would make the most of my  position in tournements instead of blowing my chance. I would  become a  ...


Well time hasnt passed me by yet and there is nothing stopping me from making my time now except...... ME!

I have the knowlege in my bow and experience in my quiver,  Its time for me to take aim at the stars.

If you are reading this and your just starting out, please make the most of the what POKERSCHOOL ONLINE is offering. Apart from all the great promotions and prizes, there is a wealth of knowlege you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else(especially at this price ).

O.k guys back to the tables.

Take it easy or easily take it,