Its the rabbit here, coming to ya live from his bedroom in australia!!!!!!!!!!


it really has been an interesting weekend.  i have been tournying for 12-16hrs a day for 3 straight days! All but one of these have been freerolls! I have had mixed results but on the whole am quite pleased with my efforts! i came 967/25000 depositor freeroll for .40c, 10/5463 in a fulltilt points tourney for $3.75 tourney money (these were played at the same time), 900/9867 depositor freeroll for .30c,, 1109/12734  depositor freeroll for .25c and 550/9000 in a pokerschool league freeroll. (my best result this year) I also took out  5 satellites for tickets on fulltilt in real money tourneys. Have played in 1 so far and didnt get a good result.

I"m sure i passed the MTT quiz last year and after playing so many the last few days i thought id take a re-test without reading any of the associated literature just cuz i was feeling pretty confident...............4/20 questions correct LMFAO Im lucky i had any success at all. But i reckon this just re-enforces the importance of  regularly reminding myself of the fundamentals of the game! It just shows me once again the role poker school has played in me becoming a better player! To every one involved in this site THANK YOU! If i ever win a major your all invited and the milkybars are on me! (no i dont need a straw with that! ....suc suc)

I was reading a blog by flix on the power of positive thinking and ways of avoiding negative thoughts. Now you might think this sounds like a bunch of new aged crap but its actually about taking responsibility for yourself and your actions and not letting yourself blame the cards/donks for leaks and weakness' in your own game. I found it really helpful and very insightful.i reckon its gonna help with tilt issues

Anyway feels good to put a POSITIVE spin on things for a change!

as always, take it easy or easily take it!


heres a link to flixs post         PMA - Positive Mental Attitude!
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