Well after a full on weekend i have a balance of 0 again! I have been playing freerolls on poker stars and fulltilt for nearly three days straight, since there seems to always be one happening between the 2 sites!
have taken out 5 satelites and cashed once in a depositers freeroll (.25c!)
A friend of mine once said "Pros dont play many hands". now i get the philosophy of quality over quantity and after reading a lot of threads Im starting to think that its more about the folds than the cards played!
I reckon my game has improved tenfold since joining this promo just from reading about others experiences!
I think im reading players well but im continually having to prove myself right! its like ive got aces and i know the guy has a set but i end up playing the hand out just to see if i was right! this sort of behaviour is more common when the tilt sets in but can happen anytime and even start off a tilt!
I think i have to have more faith in my decision making and start listening to myelf!("hello me meet the real me!" starting to sound a bit schitzo)
Playing all these freerolls has been good for my game as ive been able to relax a lot more and feel comfortable but im wondering if this will transfer across to my cash game?
anyway just finished a skill league tourney 550/9500 my best performance so far this year (prob could have sat out till the bubble but didnt and ended up proving myself right again with AQ vs AK lol)
well guys take it easy or easily take it!
cheers b.p