Well after 3 disasterous starts this year i decided to really knuckle down and start playing some tight poker. I had become very frustrated with myself and my poker game in general.

It was around this time i noticed the "pair your FULL TILT account" button in the lobby. My first online poker experience was with this site and the experience was ugly! The reason being i had never really played serious or online poker before! So i thought this might be a good chance to start afresh with my pokerschool learnings.

I deposited $12 and took half across to my full tilt account. I found the tables there to be extremely loose! i quickly had my starting stack up to $30 playng .02/.05c tables.

While i had adjusted my style of play quite well i found myself being less assertive at the tables. I felt like i wasnt playing with as much conviction or confidence as before.  I feel these will come back over time, i just need to keep at it! I think its sort of like a golf swing, its a lot harder to unlearn bad habits than to learn the right way from scratch. One of the biggest contributing factors to this is watching hands that i would normally play like 45 suited or j8 etc., turn into monsters and Im not there to take the chips! I start thinking ive missed my opportunity and start wanting to play weaker hands again, but i know if i stay strong and stick to my guns ill end up ahead anyway!( i will post a couple of these hands in the forum later)

I ended up repeating my cardinal sin again and taking my $30 onto the .25/.50c heads up tables and blew it! But because of this i have decided to stick to freerolls and fpp satelites for a couple of weeks and reckon thats one way of garanteeing my bankroll wont go backwards for at least 2 weeks! (i just finished a depositers freeroll and im already up a whopping  .25c!)

Anyway guys its Australia Day today so im gonna have a couple of cold ones and watch the fireworks tonight!

Enjoy the weekend and take it easy or eaily take it!