Well the weekend has come and gone and i think it might be time to reflect on my goals............................................. ...

i have had a little success in the PSO league making a top 1k finish but my ranking has gone backwards!

i have bottomed out or tilted 3x since making my goals but have only been starting with $5 or $10 dollars to minimise loss!

my latest bankroll of $2.45 is up to $5.09 as we speak.....

(my Dad plays and sends me small amounts to keep me occupied after a tilt!)

I have to decided to throw in a couple of new goals for the year after playing for awhile...............


* I want to avoid the all in from now on unless i hold 4 of a kind or AAAKK! i know this will be hard for me as a strong hand usually means chips in the pot! my thinking is play mostly limit holdem and only play 1c/2c no limit tables. That way i can take small amounts onto the tables and avoid going broke!

* I would also like to make use of the odds calculator, the hand replayer and any other tool that may help my poker game. this includes spending more time on the poker school page. In regards to the odds calculator and the hand replayer, i will have to update my computer as im still in the stone ages operating on windows XP lol.


Well cheers guys,

Take it easy..........or easily take it