Hi I'm Ben "b.p.rabbit" Boase. I'm a 34 year old Aussie, i have been playing online poker as a hobby for around 5 years  I have played at Full Tilt, 888 and POKERSTARS.  I found POKERSTARS to be by far the best value. My favorite games are Heads Up NLHE and tourneys.  i have recently begun playing limit hold em. During my time at the tables i have pondered the following questions; Does strategy improve your chances of winning? Can having a strategy actually impair your chances of winning? Is there really such a thing as a "tell" in online poker?  While posing these questions to different people, poker players and non poker players alike i havent come up with a difinitive answer to any of them! So I thought Id open up a blog and get the POKERSTARS communities feedback.


Cheers, B.p