We all have felt the cognitive dissonance when playing a Romanina whose icon helpfully tell us is using a Samrt Phine to responsibly enjoy his gaming experience at PokerStars.

And how come I can't spell Phine?  My spelling was fine until that point.  This was going to be THE BLOG that would be error free, pure crystalized thinking, helping others help themselves up, or OFF of the mountain.  The mpountain isn;t for everyone.  The mountain is brutal.  To master the mountain you must fisrt master yourself.  What is your goal?

Stop and pick up a pen,. Write down your poker goal. Look at it every night before you go to bed so that you can program your subconsious to activate your intentions in the world.  Be aware that all you reeally have to do in this world is imagine a scenario and scenarios have a way of becoming reality with a little work.

Let's look at your goal.  Do you really have what it takes?  The grit, the determinations, the ability to pick yourself up off of the floor after the careful Asian player who doubled thru the Russian  carp so easily calls your three bet with 23 sooted on a J45 board and gets there when you push with queens on that juicy flop?  That is just one juicy flop of many that will not hold up young Skywalker.

Do you want to come home from your virtual office every day, covered with Pirahana scales and reeking or sauerkraut infused onkey dung, because that's whats out there Neo. 

I can give you the keys to the Universe if you listen and are honest with yourself and you can make it happen, just like I am, but hoinesty doesn't mean the same thing in poker.  Know this before you join this dance so enthusiastically. There is one honest man in poker and that is Allan Kessler.  Just ask him.  That is at the end of one poker dream road.  I helped Allan get where he is today by helping him turn his tiny dream into a reality. His dream was to eke out a living playing the game that gave him ulcers and prove to his family that he was smarter than everyone else, so there and to never pay for a vegas buffet again.  He got there, Yesss!

The point is, does staring at a glowing screen that is damaging your eyesight seem like the path that you want to be on for the next few years?  This materialization of ideas takes time, so you Must be sure that it it your authentic dream you are dreaming, and not one of those "off-the-shelf-sells-big -in-Boise" polyesther, one size fits all dreams.  Get your dream custom made.  It should fit like the linen suit I bought in Thailand in my dreams of becoming a sex tourist/poker internet poker pro in the eighties.  I'm old know.  I know stuff.  The question is do you know you?

Who is programming your dreams?

I prgram mine. I am living the life I want to lead by balancing my range.  I wll face off with that foul bitch variance in order to pick up some loose change off the floor.  It's just sitting there.  you can't HUD me at the SPIN AND GOES BAYBEEE!  because it's all about FEEL.  And I feel like I have given you enough to think about for today.  You will be happy when you find  your authentic dream and start living.it.  It is your own fault if it is a shabby dream.