Yikes, I had trouble winning tickets at satellite tournaments.


I easily earned my ticket at SNGs but my nightmare started at MTTs.I found MTTs dreadfully long just to earn a simple $3 worth ticket and I always found myself losing focus.

Currently, my net profit is -$14.02

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By the end of Micro Million series,

My conservative goal is to have net profit of over $25.
My optimistic goal is to have net profit of over $75

I am pretty confident with my skills. When there are large prizes involved, I tend to concentrate more then $3 ticket satellite tourneys.

Anyways, here are my list of tourneys I will be participating

[*]MicroMillions-001: $0.11+R NL Hold'em [Hyper-Active], $20K Gtd, [13/03/2014 @ 13:00:00], Tournament ID: 872136595
[*]MicroMillions-002: $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo], $150K Gtd, [13/03/2014 @ 14:00:00], Tournament ID: 872136630
[*]MicroMillions-003: $3.30 NL Hold'em [6-Max], $50K Gtd  [13/03/2014 @ 15:00:00], Tournament ID: 872136604
[*]MicroMillions-008: $4.40 NL Hold'em [ Chance], $25K Gtd, [14/03/2014 @ 05:00:00], Tournament ID: 872136612
[*]MicroMillions-023: $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo], $125K Gtd, [15/03/2014 @ 16:30:00], Tournament ID: 872136629
[*]MicroMillions-024: $2.20 NL Hold'em, $15K Gtd, [15/03/2014 @ 19:30:00], Tournament ID: 872136630
[*]MicroMillions-099: $3.30 NL Hold'em [Turbo], $30K Gtd, [23/03/2014 @ 18:30:00], Tournament ID: 872136809

...total of 7 tournaments. I wish I can participate at least 12 but oh well, better luck next time.

If I manage to win more tourneys from "MicroMillions Special Live Training Specials" tickets, I will add more events to my list.

Tomorrow is a Mission Week - "Easy": All-in Shootout. Wish me luck. If I manage to bink some cash, again those money will be used for MM series.

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Second GOAL

Aside from MM series, I am planning to enter premier league. My current league rank is 1713 [Score: 1658] I need to make it to top 500, which seems doable, but a lot of work with no immediate benefit. Also, I hope to make top 400 three times consecutively, so I can earn my ticket to Big Bang.


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What I am trying to achieve...

You might say money. Money is important but it is not my main goal here sadly. I can just play SNG or cash game, which offers me steady stream of dollars. I am doing this to make my name known. Increase my brand value within our community so that future stakers  will be willing to put their money in front of me. People trust my words have accountability, etc

I hope all my March challenges go well. I will post my results to keep this updated.