Oh man, I worked hard to get Sunday 8million Step 2 Satty. (Those sub-sattelites were hyper-turbo, which means more lucky-driven)





I earned total of $44 ticket. I spent $13.79 but I did it.

Now I hope I do well tomorrow and get a shot at Sunday Million 8th Anniversary.

Obviously, I will attempt few more satellites tomorrow so I can secure my way.

Currently, I spent $6.63 at direct satellites with no fruition.

I might give three more tries tomorrow.

Wish me luck and have a good day


Below are my ammos to earn Sunday Million 8th Anniversary ticket

 +PokerSchool Sunday Million 8th Anniversary Freebuy [Turbo], 8 seats guaranteed

 +Sunday Million 8th Anniversary $11 [Turbo], 1000 seats guaranteed

 +Sunday Million 8th Anniversary $33 [Turbo], 333 seats guaranteed