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I played Sunday Special - PSO Bounty! with ChewMe's live training session. Speaking truthfully, I had no idea there was a play money tourney, also. I accidently clicked the cash tourney and carried my facepalm. I felt I am still a weak poker player (a fish) compare to all the PSO veterans. For your information, I only started playing poker seriously less than month ago. Before joining the PSO community, I only knew the hand ranking and that was it! Also, $0.65 was a huge buy-in under my bankroll managment. I had to focus, focus and focus hard. On top of that, my whole goal was to win, win and win.

... and I came 6th! Oopa!


I would admit I had a good run. Nevertheless, my reads were insanely accurate. I felt many PSO members were tight and I could exploit them easily, but I, also, made sure to avoid any good players. My skill had been growing exponentially and soon I would be stamping cash every second (hopefully).

"Just Give me five months" = Bold Statement


Tournament Info

PokerStars Tournament #865975227, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $0.50/$0.10/$0.05 USD
61 players
Total Prize Pool: $30.50 USD
Tournament started 2014/02/16 15:00:00 ET
Tournament finished 2014/02/16 18:35:42 ET


I purposely slow-played my hand because I was after his bounty. Also, not many worst combination could happen on the turn or the river. I wanted to make sure he had deep enough skin, so he could not bail. Mission accomplished. (I knocked out 3 PSO members in total)

Sunday, 16th

15:00 - Event 10 Nordic combined : $0.65 NLHE Knock Out *Team PSO Bounty Game


List of Participants for those curious minds who missed the tourney (If a player does not want his name to be shown here, please PM me. I will delete the list immediately) 

  1: myself000000 (Canada), $7.67 (25.147%)

^I avoided myself0000 at all cost during the tourney. I knew he was good.
  2: scott6618 (United Kingdom), $5.18 (16.983%)
  3: Christxof (Canada), $3.96 (12.983%)
  4: geoVARTA (Lebanon), $2.82 (9.245%)
  5: stevopick (Canada), $1.98 (6.491%)
  6: aznhaxor (Canada), $1.60 (5.245%)
  7: rpc1337 (Romania), $1.29 (4.229%)
  8: HEMT (Denmark), $1.06 (3.475%)
  9: megg23 (Canada), $0.83 (2.721%)
  10: lewis99 (Canada), $0.73 (2.393%)
  11: sabrina0909 (United Kingdom), $0.73 (2.393%)
  12: Az@znt8 (United Kingdom), $0.73 (2.393%)
  13: HAPPYSAP (Ireland), $0.64 (2.098%)
  14: Prohorse3 (Netherlands), $0.64 (2.098%) 

^Prohorse was lucky and skillfull at the same time. I wanted to eliminate him fast because he interrupted my gameplan countless times.
  15: wanderer202 (United Kingdom), $0.64 (2.098%)

^Wanderer202 was the tightest player I ever encountered. To be honest, if he had opened his hand range, he could have easily be top 10.
  16: mikalupagoo (Canada),
  17: Tteradactyl (Canada),
  18: Fadyen (United Kingdom),
  19: auntyrae (Canada),
  20: Profess Awe (United Kingdom),
  21: begbane (Serbia),
  22: Ashalina77 (Belgium),
  23: HokyPokyToo (Canada),
  24: JD550 (Canada),
  25: Roland GTX (Norway),
  26: joy7108 (Canada),
  27: enoskito (Canada),
  28: snaggerjo (United Kingdom),
  29: DonkeyJez (United Kingdom),
  30: nonex truth (Germany),
  31: EdinFreeMan (United Kingdom),
  32: 00Johnny00 (Canada),
  33: dale442 (Canada),
  34: Puckjr (Canada),
  35: slettuce (South Africa),
  36: ojdk65 (Denmark),
  37: EasyChips4U (Canada),
  38: Jaanijs (Latvia),
  39: johnnnnny1 (Croatia),
  40: aces048 (Canada),
  41: Bill Curran (United Kingdom),
  42: rez71 (Canada),
  43: Bella's Fell (Canada),
  44: TweedleBeetl (Iceland),
  45: Funboy57 (Belgium),
  46: bigblazer879 (Canada),
  47: sparkes25 (United Kingdom),
  48: CrazYJohnnie (Latvia),
  49: annie_22at90 (Canada),
  50: bpetrov78 (United Kingdom),
  51: Django66 (United Kingdom),
  52: wiltshireman (United Kingdom),
  53: Howitzer2007 (Canada),
  54: 6CHIP AL (United Kingdom),
  55: ChewMe1 (United Kingdom),

^What? What happened? I was looking forward to see you at the final table :S
  56: chillipops (United Kingdom),
  57: Roslyn_akka (Philippines),
  58: jysteruk (United Kingdom),
  59: Evolnomar (United Kingdom),
  60: Tagging (United Kingdom),
  61: pokeriffic2 (Australia),